Welcome to UK Contact Numbers. We are a telecoms directory that provides a fast and efficient call connection service to many popular companies and government agencies in the UK. It can be difficult to find official company numbers in the public domain- to save consumer time and effort we have done all the research, and connect consumers to their desired destination via our telecoms platform. Most of our numbers will connect you to the main customer service number of the relevant company, while others connect to dedicated sales lines, there are some that connect to both.

To provide even more value, we have included menu prompts on page to save you time while making the call, you will be able to get to the department you require without having to listen to the long call menu. Furthermore, on each company page you will find tips and important company information to make your experience seamless.

Customer Service Directory

We also provide an on demand call recording facility. It is sometimes useful to record dealings with customer service agents for your own use, or when going through a complaints procedure. We never record calls unless requested by one of our customers. We also do not allow the recording of credit card details or any other sensitive information, inline with UK PCI compliance. To have your call recorded please contact us.

If you cannot find the company you are looking for on our website, or would like to request to have your company added to our directory, please fill out a request form.

Call charges

Calls to 084 numbers are 7 pence per minute plus your networks access charge. Calls to 087 numbers cost 13 pence per minute plus your networks access charge. Access charges vary, so it is best to contact your network operator for a detailed break down.


We have no affiliation or connection to any of the companies or agencies listed on our website. All trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners

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