Argos customer care department is open Monday to Saturday 8:00am – 8:00pm and Sunday 10:00am – 6:00pm.

What is the best customer service number for Argos?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Argos has become one of the largest suppliers of electronic goods in the UK and these days, many people prefer to shop online than visit their local store. If you need to contact Argos customer service department to discuss returning a faulty item, or you have general questions about delivery or payment, then the best way to get answers quickly is by giving them a call on the Argos customer service number to speak to one of their customer service agents.

You can contact Argos customer services about the following topics:

● To get information about delivery and collection of products
● To get product support
● Refunds, exchanges and returns
● Technical help for the appliances you have purchased
● Information about recent orders

If you want to call Argos phone number, then you need to be prepared for an extended wait time during their busier hours. This is mainly due to the fact that they receive massive quantities of calls every day.

Information about Argos

Argos is one of the biggest and most popular catalogue retailer in the UK and Ireland. They are a subsidiary of Sainsbury's and they trade both online and through their physical high street stores. It has over 800 million visits to the website every year, making it one of the biggest online high street retailer in the UK.

The company was established by Richard Tompkins back in 1973 and it has changed ownership several times before it was taken over by Sainsbury's in April of 2016. Since the acquisition, Sainsbury's have put plans into place to close down several of the individual Argos stores and integrate them into their supermarkets instead.

Argos owns a number of brands that they sell in store and on their website. They also own the rights to selling several brands, including Tesco's Cherokee clothing line. They also have their own credit card that operates with Vanquis bank.

Their catalogues are published twice a year and whilst the majority of people shop online these days, they still remain popular amongst consumers, hence why they continue to print them.

Controversial comments

As with most huge national brands, Argos has faced its fair share of controversy over the years. They got into trouble with the Scots in 2002, due to a number of Scottish employees refusing to work on a Sunday and they were sacked immediately.

They were also involved in a price fixing scandal in May of 2002 as well as several of their home furnishings causing people to suffer skin burns and irritation. However, they were praised for their rapid recall of the products causing the afflictions, which boosted their reputation amongst consumers and the general public. Customers were awarded compensation after a lengthy court case ended in 2010.

About Argos customer service

For being such a huge, affordable high street chain, Argos have performed exceptionally well with regards to customer service. Yes the wait times can be lengthy and yes there have been some disgruntled customers publishing negative feedback online, but overall most people find that their issues are promptly resolved once they speak to someone.

One common complaint however, is that Argos have been criticized extensively for their pay and collect service. They have been accused of taking payment, but then being out of stock and instead of providing immediate refunds, they have instead persuaded people to take a different product, or simply wait until their desired item comes into stock.

Their delivery service is generally fast and reliable, so customer satisfaction rates are high, especially due to their affordable pricing. They are also one of the few online companies who provide specific delivery slots, meaning you don't have to waste time waiting at home for an entire day.

Here are some pointers to make your Argos customer service experience better

● Try and be polite: Human nature dictates that fighting fire with fire is not an effective way to resolve any kind of dispute. Whilst you might have every right to complain about an aspect of their service and you may have waited longer than you wanted in a virtual call queue to speak to an agent, being polite will get you a long way.

● Prepare yourself: If you make sure that you have all of the information ready when you call Argos contact number, this will make the experience more efficient. This includes order number, product name and the reference code. This will reduce frustration for both parties and will allow you to reach a solution faster.

● Explain yourself: Explaining the problem you are facing in as much detail as possible, including all of the important information, will result in you being helped quicker and better. If you are unable to communicate exactly what the issue is, then it is going to be more difficult for the customer service agent at Argos to give you the helpful solution that you need.

● Don't beat around the bush: If you know what it is that you want, then ask for it! Be it a refund, an explanation or you want to exchange something, then convey this clearly and concisely. If you don't ask, then you don't get and by doing this, you will have a better chance of reaching your desired outcome.

● Manage your expectations: try and remember that the customer service representative at Argos helpline will not necessarily have the authority to approve your request, or give you the ideal solution that you are hoping for. You might have to call back at another time, or wait for them to call you back. Try and remain calm at all times, otherwise you will just end up going round in circles.

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