BT customer care department is open Monday to Friday 8:00am - 9:00pm, Saturday 8:00am - 8:00pm, and Sunday 9:00am - 6:00pm.

What is the best customer service number for BT?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

If you are a BT customer and you are experiencing technical issues with your service then you can contact British Telecom customer service to organize an engineer coming out. BT has different customer service contact numbers for different problems including a 24/7 billing helpline that allows you to find out what your current balance is, pay bills, and set up and manage direct debit payments.

There is also a contact number for cancellations as well as technical support for your BT phone number, where you can either choose to get assistance over the phone, or organize for an engineer to visit and resolve the problem for you.

Some of the common reasons why you would contact BT customer services:

● Problems with your telephone line
● Managing your payments and billing information
● Technical support
● To report a service interruption
● To organize an engineer visit

About BT: Company Overview

BT is the oldest telecommunications company in the whole world. The infamous Electric Telegraph Company that was incorporated back in 1846, was the first in history to create and develop a communications network that would run nationwide, making certain types of communication possible in a matter of minutes or hours as opposed to days or weeks. Today BT recognizes that technology is more valuable to their company than ever before, as it is build upon the main foundations of the worldwide digital era in order create and sustain the information age.

British Telecom is now one of the leading telecommunications companies in the world, catering to the needs of their customers not only in the UK, but also in over 180 countries around the world. Their primary focus is providing fixed-line services, mobile service, Internet and TV, in addition to network IT services. Within the UK they are one of the leading telecoms services providers, selling to consumers, small businesses and also the public sector.

BT's Purpose and Strategy

BT aims to deliver sustainable and profitable revenue growth, through providing excellent services and building relationships with their customers. They promise to deliver an excellent level of customer service and an all round brilliant customer experience, something that can undoubtedly be disputed by the quantity of existing clients who have consistently complained about the poor customer service they have provided during recent times.

BT have designed their website to give customers an easy way to resolve certain issues without the need to phone the BT customer service number. However, if you're like many you've had a challenging time navigating their site to find the answers you need.

BT vs National Security

Between the years 2010 through 2012 the intelligence organizations in the UK started investigating Huawei (BT's foreign supplier) after they were banned from operating in the US, Canada and Australia. Whilst it is true that BT did inform the UK government about Huawei's involvement in the £10b contract to upgrade the network, they also failed to disclose that the Chinese government would have undisclosed access to the UK's criminal infrastructure. In late 2012, David Cameron obtained a detailed report that indicated that the UK's intelligence operations had severe concerns regarding Huawei and that the business, government and even citizen community could be under threat in serious way. In light of this, BT's other projects are now under serious scrutiny.

In early 2008 BT announced that they had agreed on a contract (along with other companies) with Phorm who claimed to be developing spyware to capture and analyse users data such as the websites and URLs they visited. This practice is called “behavioural targeting” and it has been labelled data pimping from other critics. BT's involvement in this scandal only contributed to an increasingly damaged reputation that they were accumulating through a series of negative events.

BT Broadband Customer Service

British Telecom's customer service has received criticism from a wide variety of online forums as well as other media publications. Customers feel as though they are being overcharged for a poor level of service and they customer retention rate is currently at an all time low, thanks to the competitor companies who offer more competitive rates and a better service.

The BT call centers are not UK based and this is another element of their service that receives criticism. Customers claim that they are often kept on call waiting for a long time and when their call is finally answered, they are faced with a customer service representative who speaks poor English and issues often go unresolved.

Furthermore, several people have complained of incidences whereby they have organized for a technician to visit them, only to be left waiting for hours with no sign of any engineer arriving.

Top tips when calling the BT telephone number

● You must ensure that you have your customer account number ready when you call the BT contact number, without this it is likely that you will not receive the support that you require.
● Be prepared for long waiting times to speak to an agent, especially during peak busy hours.
● It is always a good idea to ensure that you are dialing the right contact number for the particular service or problem you are enquiring about, or you may find that you spend 20 minutes on hold only to be told you have to call a different number at the last minute.
● Be sure to provide as many details as you possibly can about the concern you are calling about, that way you are likely to receive the correct attention leading to the resolution of your problem. The more details you can provide when you contact BT broadband the more the representative will be able to assist you.


Question: There is a fault on one of my BT services - how can I get it fixed?

If you experience a fault with any of your BT services, such as phone signal or broadband strength, you can troubleshoot and report the problem online. Start by going to the ‘Fault Repair and Tracking' page on the BT broadband customer services website. Use your BT ID to log in and enter the details of the problem. After inputting all information, you should receive a diagnosis of the problem along with suggestions of what to do next. If your service is still faulty after following the online advice, you can report the problem to BT on the same web page or call them directly via the BT broadband contact number listed above.
Please note: If you cannot log in with your BT ID, you may still be able to find out about service faults in your area by checking the online Service Checker tool on the BT website.

Question: How can I track the progress of a reported fault?

After reporting a fault on the ‘Fault Repair and Tracking' page, all updates should appear on your online account. Log in to your account using your BT ID to see the most recent updates on your fault report.

Question: What methods of payment can I use to pay my BT bill?

BT provides a number of options to pay your bill, including by bank transfer, cash, cheque, online, over the phone and postal order. The simplest way to pay your BT bill is by setting up a direct debit from your bank account. Once you have set up the direct debit, the money for your bill should come out of your bank account automatically at the time of payment. Another easy way to manage your BT bill is by using the BT app where you can view and amend payment details.
Please note: You might need your BT ID in order to pay for your bill using some of the above methods.

Question: How can I retrieve my forgotten BT username or password?

If you think you have forgotten your BT ID, it may be worth trying the email address you signed up to online services with - your email is often your BT ID. If trying to sign in with your email address does not work, you can still retrieve your BT ID on the usual log in page. Start by clicking the ‘Forgot BT ID?' Link, which ca usually be found under the username and password entry boxes. On the next page, enter the phone number or email address associated with your BT account. Finally, follow the on-screen steps given to retrieve your BT ID.
If you have forgotten you BT password, you can retrieve it using the same steps. Just click the ‘Forgot Password?' link instead of the ‘Forgot BT ID?' link. Call the BT broadband phone number for additional queries.

Question: What parts of my account can I access with the ‘My BT' app?

Once you have downloaded the ‘My BT' app and signed in with your online account log in details, you will have access to many parts of your BT account. You should be able to view and pay bills, track any orders you have made with BT, check your usage of certain service and ask for help from the customer service team.

Question: How can I get better broadband speed?

BT recommend plugging your router directly into the main telephone socket. If the main telephone socket is being used for something else, consider buying a ‘microfiler' so that both devices can be plugged into the same socket. BT also recommend picking a location for your router that is near the device where you use BT broadband most. If your broadband speed is still slower than it should be, it may be because too many devices are using the broadband service or the router needs to be upgraded. Call the contact number for BT to discuss router upgrade options or visit their website to learn more.

Question: How can I test the speed of my broadband connection?

Go to the BT website and head to the ‘Test Your Broadband Speed page. Then, simply click ‘Test My Speed' - you may need to be currently using the broadband that you would like to check. You will be given the Connection Speed (the maximum speed of your broadband) and the Download Speed (the current speed).

Question: How can I stay safe online?

Try using BT Parental Controls, BT Web Protect and BT Virus Protect. All of these services often come free with new BT devices. Make sure you turn on these security measures and check that they are functioning properly. In some cases, such as with the BT Parental Controls, you should also be able to manage how strict your security settings are. Call the BT broadband contact number listed above for additional details on protecting yourself online.

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