Talk Talk customer care department is open Monday to Friday 8:00am - 10.00pm, Saturday 8:00am - 10.00pm, and Sunday 8:00am - 10.00pm.

What is the best customer service number for Talk Talk?

*This website advises that calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge.

If your internet connection is working slower than usual, you can call the TalkTalk contact number for quick service. If your call is regarding their telephone service, then the best way to get help is to contact TalkTalk customer service. If you've spent any time looking you've found it can be a challenge to find the TalkTalk phone number which is part of the reason we put this site together.

If you already have a Talk Talk broadband package and you wish to speak to an operator to discuss your account or billing issues, or you are planning on moving address then you can call the TalkTalk helpline for a quick solution. Their customer service lines are running 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Several customers have previously complained about lengthy call waiting times, however if you pick off peak hours to place your call, then it should not take you too long to speak with a customer service advisor.

You might need to contact Talk Talk regarding the following issues:
● You feel you have been overcharged for a service
● You want to resolve issues with your existing package or service
● You want to change or upgrade your tariff
● To cancel or renew your service
● You are experiencing technical difficulties with your broadband

About Talk Talk

Talk Talk has been one of the largest telecommunications and broadband service provider in the United Kingdom for just over a decade. It has become a popular option for people of different ages, due to their competitive pricing conditions and wide variety of products and services. They provide mobile phone contracts, broadband Internet as well as satellite TV packages. In a highly competitive market such as that in the UK, Talk Talk has managed to maintain a strong presence in an ever evolving, customer focused industry.

Talk Talk started out as being a provider of fixed line telephone services to individual consumers and they didn't offer anything else. Talk Talk now offers a vast range of fixed and mobile telephone solutions, broadband internet services under the Talk Talk brand umbrella, as well as telephone and broadband Internet services to business customers via their Talk Talk Business branding. Similar to some of the other UK broadband providers, Talk Talk has chosen to invest in its own infrastructure instead of outsourcing this task, which is simply known by the abbreviation “LLU.” As of late December in 2012, 92% of the Talk Talk customer base has become unbundled. Since early August of 2012, Talk Talk has grown to become the UK's second largest quadruple play service following in the footsteps of Virgin Media, offering a package of all four Internet, TV, Mobile and landline phone packages.

Useful tips for calling TalkTalk Customer Services Number

● Try and call the Talk Talk customer service number during off peak hours, as the lines tend to get very busy during peak times.
● You will likely be asked for your Talk Talk number, account number and some other personal information to verify that you are the account holder, so be sure to have this information in front of you when you call the Talk Talk helpline so as not to waste time.

TalkTalk FAQ

Question: I can't get service on my TalkTalk device - what next?

Go to the ‘Service Status Dashboard' on the TalkTalk website to check if there are any service problems in your area. If the online dashboard shows that there are service problems near by, this means that TalkTalk are aware and are likely trying to fix the issue. If the online dashboard doesn't show any relevant service issues, you can contact the Talk Talk customer services team to make them aware of your problem and ask for support.

Question: How can I change the log in details of my TalkTalk WiFi router?

It's possible to change your WiFi router log in details in a number of ways, such as on your Android tablet or mobile, on your Apple iPad or iPhone, or on your personal laptop. To edit your WiFi username and password, you may need to have access to the WiFi router from the device you would like to use. Head to the TalkTalk website and navigate to the ‘Change Your Wireless Network Name and Password' page. Find your router model and click on the image. You may now be able to follow the online instructions to change your log in details.

Question: How can I get an online account for TalkTalk?

Go to the TalkTalk website and click either the ‘My Account' or ‘Log In' link. You should be directed to the My Account log in page where you can register for an online account. Once you have entered all relevant information, including a username and password, your account will be created and you should have access to TalkTalk's online account system. If you would like to use your account on the move, download the ‘My TalkTalk' App from Google Play or App Store. If you are still experiencing issues call the TalkTalk number listed above for additional assistance.

Question: What privacy features do I have on my TalkTalk home phone?

TalkTalk offers privacy features such as withholding your own phone number, rejecting unknown number and blocking specific phone numbers. You can easily turn these settings on and off via your TalkTalk online account. Once you have signed in, click ‘Manage Calling Features' and you should be able to edit all of the aforementioned security features.

Question: What do I need to know about ‘HomeSafe'?

‘HomeSafe' is a TalkTalk feature used to block malicious online content from young ones. The feature is completely free and can be activated via your online account. There are a number of different HomeSafe settings that you can take advantage of, including blocking social networks during certain timeframes and blocking websites with virus threats. These features can be turned on and off by the account holder via their online account.

Question: What is TalkTalk TV On Demand and how can I gain access?

TalkTalk TV On Demand is a TalkTalk TV feature which allows you to access previously aired programs at any time you would like. You must be a TalkTalk TV customer to gain access, and you will need to have established a connection between your TalkTalk TV box and your WiFi router. Once you have done this, you may be able to view previously broadcast content for a number of days after it has been aired. Find On Demand programmes by pressing the ‘Guide', ‘Search' or ‘YouView' buttons on your remote.

Question: Why is my TalkTalk bill higher than usual?

There are a few reasons why your TalkTalk bill may be higher than expected. You might have purchased items from a TalkTalk device, such as films or games, which are now showing up in your regular bill. You may also have been charged more due to calling a premium rate number which often cost more than a regular phone call. Another possibility is that you have been charged the full price of a service you signed up to after the promotion period has finished. Finally, you might have been charged by TalkTalk for making a late payment.
If you don't think any of these suggestions are likely or you would like to find out more about your bill, call the TalkTalk telephone number above. Log in to your online account and view your latest bill in detail, including the cost of each individual charge. If you are still struggling to understand some charges, go to the ‘Understanding Charges' page on the TalkTalk website and search for the codes on your bill. By using this page, you should get a more specific explanation behind each charge. If you can still find no reason for your high bill, call the Talk Talk contact number and speak with the customer service team for assistance.

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